Biophotonics4Life World Consortium Southern Europe Node (Spain)



This is an unofficial web-site describing the participation of the Medical Optics Group and ICFO in the “Biophotonics World” consortium.

ICFO is one of the node-leaders for Southern Europe for the “Biophotonics World” initiative. A national grant supports the participation of Spain in Biophotonics4Life Worldwide which was awarded  in February 2011 to ICFO-The Institute of Photonics Sciences  by the Ministry of Science and Innovation of Spain to help promote biophotonics research in Spain and the activities of the Biophotonics4Life (BP4L) platform. The grant is led by Prof. Turgut Durduran of the Medical Optics group  and is running in parallel with the ongoing biophotonics activities at ICFO.

The purpose of the award is to raise the profile of biophotonics research in Spain and boost participation in BP4L by means of: scientific networking, educational activities and policy-making. As a Node Leader for Southern Europe in the BP4L international initiative, ICFO aims to promote scientists, research developments in biophotonics and national research organisations. More specifically ICFO:

Organizes topical workshops, such as the annual ‘Light for Health’ event, at ICFO with an international perspective;

Encourages researchers to become a member of BP4L online and to create a subportal for biophotonics in Spain;

Participates in the BP4L international meetings, webinars etc.; and Engages with national and EU funding agencies and participate in policy debates, initiatives etc. to help promote national biophotonics research.

Biophotonics at ICFO – Light for Health (L4H) Program


With support from Cellex Foundation Barcelona, ICFO is involved in a range of activities aiming to harness the power of photonics for improving human health.

ICFO conducts research and development at the cutting-edge of biophotonics and nanophotonics, with a special focus on imaging modalities and techniques that aim at continuously breaking the limits of resolution (both spatial and temporal). Ongoing programmes include a variety of advanced multiphoton and fluorescence techniques, single-molecule approaches, pioneering near-field nanoimaging, plasmonics and nanoantenna approaches, Raman imaging, photothermal imaging, and diffuse optical imaging, among others. ICFO also hosts programmes in nanosurgery, neuro-intensive care monitoring, plasmonic oncology, and dermatology.

ICFO recently created the Light for Health (L4H) Program and sets it sights on bringing photonic techniques to the market place, in both the life sciences and agri-food areas. Acting as a local Biophotonics Hub, ICFO collaborates with hospitals, biomedical research centres, universities, medical institutions and companies. The L4H program focuses on establishing links and joint projects with local, as well as the international, biomedical industries and possible spin-off generation. The program also organises topic 




Activities organized within BP4L and L4H in 2010 – 2011 period.

Activities organized within BP4L and L4H in 2011 – 2012 period.